Participation in International Conference

12th Jan, 2023

Rupandehi Campus, Nepal – Four professors and a medical doctor from Rupandehi Campus recently participated in an international conference in Butwal, Nepal. The conference, titled “Paradigm Shifts in Business Management, Economics, Social Innovation and Information Science,” brought together researchers from five different countries for a two-day seminar on January 11th and 12th.

The team from Rupandehi Campus who participated in the conference were Laxman Gyawali, Parthivendra Upadhyaya, Min Prasad Sharma, Basanta Mani Pokharel and Dr. Namrata Chaudhary. The conference brought together more than 150 participants to discuss and share their research on various topics related to paradigm shifts in different fields.

The conference provided a platform for the professors from Rupandehi Campus to present their ideas with fellow researchers from around the world. The event was a great success and helped to foster international collaboration and networking among the participants.

The conference organizers from Lumbini Banijya Campus stated that the conference was a great opportunity for researchers to share their latest findings, learn from each other, and explore new research avenues. They said they are looking forward to hosting similar events in the future and promoting international collaboration in the field of research.

Overall, the participation of the researchers from Rupandehi Campus in the international conference “Paradigm Shifts” in Butwal was a great success and helped to strengthen the ties between researchers from different countries.

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