Knowledge Sharing on NEHEP

24th Dec, 2022

The Nurturing Excellence in Higher Education Program (NEHEP) is a program developed by the University Grants Commission Nepal, with the aim of promoting excellence in higher education in the country. The program focuses on several key areas, including digitalization in education, climate change, research, and transparency in college management.

Recently, a knowledge-sharing program on NEHEP was organized by Rupandehi campus, with Mr. Rangesh Wagle, EMIS Head, and Mr. Bal Mukunda Upadhyaya, SAT Head, serving as facilitators. The facilitators had taken training in Chitwan conducted by UGC on the same topic and shared their knowledge with the participants.

The program brought together faculty members from Rupandehi campus to share knowledge and discuss strategies for promoting excellence in higher education. The program began with an overview of the NEHEP and its objectives, followed by presentations and discussions on the use of technology in education, the role of academic institutions in addressing climate change, importance of research and transparency in college management. Participants also had the opportunity to share their own experiences and best practices in these areas.

Throughout the program, the facilitators emphasized the importance of collaboration and cooperation in promoting excellence in higher education. They also stressed the need for colleges to adapt to the changing times and take advantage of new technologies and approaches to enhance the learning experience for students.

The program was deemed successful by the participants and received a note of thanks from the campus chief, Laxman Gyawali. He praised the program for its relevance and the facilitators for their valuable knowledge and insights. He also added that this program will be held annually or bi-annually for the betterment of the faculty and students.

The program was a great opportunity for faculty members from Rupandehi campus to come together and share their knowledge and expertise, as well as to learn from each other and from experts in the field.

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